Nicki minaj before and after Plastic Surgery


Onika Tanya Maraj or well known as  NICKI MINAJ was born on 8th December,1982. NICKI is a rapper, singer and songwriter by profession. Her journey to success began when she came up with three mixtapes between 2007–09 and because of which she eventually got a contract with Young Money Entertainment.

After it, there was no looking back for Minaj, all her releases remained at the top on various different rating charts especially on the U.S. Billboard 200. She is a really successful woman artist and holds the record of owning    seven singles that were on the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. She got all the success in music industry and took home three MTV Video Music Awards and four Billboard Music Awards and judged a really prestigious show of America. Niki also tried her hand on screen. What else make people drool over her apart from her talent is the her hot body that always under the scanner.

Nicki Minaj is always found refuting  the fact be it her interviews or public confrontations that she under went any of the  plastic surgeries people ask for and always call her features to be extremely natural even when her face gives clear signals of heavy transplantation. Good amount of attention is now on her looks and possible surgeries which is kind of a warning to her blooming career.  Take a  look at Nicki minaj before and after Plastic Surgery Pictures


 Face Lift

Her face is subject to great criticism now because people easily trace the fine lines of demarcation in her features, which were not visible earlier. Her face looks really refined as compared to what it was earlier. Of course, she is not very old for us to doubt her cheeks when they are it saggy but doubt arises because of her face that has no frowns. Her face looks inch perfect and flawless.

Botox Injections

The list does not end to a face lift, people doubt her more and thinks she had Botox injections too. A wrinkle-less face is not loved always, especially when you are into the glamour world. All her attempts to look flawless came under the scanner. Even when Nicki is so very open and bold with her comments, looks, costumes and public appearance, she decided to stay quiet on this matter and if confronted with it she answers that her diet is the reason  for such flawless skin.

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Butt Implants

This is something she is really famous. You say Butt people think Nicki. Her Butt is the most prominent part of her personality. General audience doubt that she underwent the knife to get such a proper size and shape. While having a look at images of a young Nicki you would easily make out that her Butt size has increased significantly. When ever Butt Implant comes Kim Kardashian Buttocks Before And After Butt Implants is the best example of butt plastic surgery.

 Breast Augmentation

What else than Nicki’s Butt that came under the limelight is her breast. They are said to be treated too as it doesn’t look natural.


Her surgeries are not big hit and gave her a rather clumsy look. Her surgeons didn’t give her polished service.

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