Miley Cyrus’ Confession To Her Much Speculated Relation

Miley Cyrus’ confession to her much speculated relation with Liam Hemsworth


On July 18th Liam Hemsworth uploaded a pic on Instagram with Miley Cyrus to which Miley commented “so much love in one pic”. Once Hemsworth revealed his feelings about Miley in an interview with GQ to which he further quoted “People will figure it out, they already have…..They’re not dumb”. The statement clearly reveals their relationship status. But on further consulting Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus about their marriage and relationship he reacted by saying “No there’s no wedding bells on the calendar. I’d tell you if there was!” in an interview to In Touch.

After his wave of war with Miley and his current relationship proceedings it seems he is back on the shore with his lady love. In the same interview with GQ he stated “Of course it was hard, man” referring to their breakup in 2013. Further adding “We both were super young and it was a good decision at that time.”

After the uploaded picture and sudden revelations the media seems to enjoy the romantic wind and has even got several other evidences to their relationship like the one in which Cyrus was a part of the group photo of Liam’s sister in law. After that it seemed like a media official wanted to get the couple clicked at least once to get a view of the reunited love.

Well, all is well that ends well and here we are to get an insight into a reunited love story.

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